This page answers the most commonly asked questions..please do contact us if there's anything we can help you with

When will i receive my order ?

Orders should be received within 1-4 working days after being dispatched.

(Some customer have experienced delays due to the current pandemic)

Depending on the size of your order and the courier used some orders will  have a tracking number to enable you to follow its progress.

Proof of postage can always be provided.


When will my order be dispatched ?

All orders are dispatched the same day or next day after payment (no orders are dispatched on sundays)

Can i change the tray in a bundle/colour of a grinder etc

Yes! All trays can be swapped for another that we have in stock

(some special edition print trays will cost slightly more)

Same as grinder colors,just contact us to personalize your order.Soon the website will have the options to do all of this before your order but at the moment the only way to customize a order is to contact us before placing your order.

Don't like a certain paper/roach or other item in a bundle ? Just send us a message and we can swap the items with an equivalent item that you would prefer

Can i make a custom order ?

Yes! If you would like to order a custom box/bundle feel free to contact us by any of the ways provided on the home page.

Please send us a list of what you would like or an example of a box/bundle and let us know what you would like to add/takeaway.We would be happy to help you pick your perfect smoke box.